Lesvos Island


Between West and East, Lesvos, the brightest of the “diamonds” of the Aegean Sea, has rightly been described as the “Island of Beauty and Harmony.” The unique, the unprecedented, the interesting, all are revealed when one lives in Lesbos and “gets lost” in the present…

It is difficult for someone to begin describing Lesbos using just a few words. That’s because the island does not have only one attractive denominator as many other tourist islands. It is a mosaic of attractions, with many unique natural beauties, rare geological monuments, tremendous changes in its landscapes, amazing archaeological treasures, settlements of excellent architectural beauty, wetlands, hiking trails, museums of considerable traditional value, unique local cuisine, live pagan events, pilgrimages known across the country and of course has all kinds of accommodations, hotels (not too large) and rooms for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

All these and many more, make all those who come to the island to fall in love with it, and speak very highly of its beauty. Against the general leveling of mass tourism and the intolerable uniformity found on other islands, Lesvos insists in maintaining a distinct “personality” and “aura”.

The eruption of a volcano 20 million years ago, separated the island of Lesvos in two different “worlds”, the scenery alternation leaves the visitor ecstatic. The east side of the island is covered with pine and olive trees, which descend all the way to the sea. In the western part though the scenery changes reminding more of the island group of Cyclades and … the “Wild West”. It is here where the visitor can find a unique world heritage monument , the Petrified Forest in Sigri and The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest.